Green Tea!


So I’m quite into tea.  Particularly green tea.  I’ve posted about this before, I went through a healthy phase (currently hanging off the healthy wagon), and cut out fizzy drinks.  Instead I replaced them with water and tea.  But I have always hated black tea or regular breakfast tea, even the smell of it makes me feel sick.

Fruit ‘Tea’

In the past I’ve tried the fruit teas that my mum and dad had at home.  I was never very impressed.  They smelt great, but had very weak flavour.  They tasted more like purple hot water, as a result I never really got into them.   Most fruit teas don’t actually have any tea in them so they lack a certain substance.  You can get away with that if you’re packed of spices and whatnot, but less so if you’re just mixed berries…

Green Tea

Green tea can be bitter, and an acquired taste.  So flavoured green teas are a good way in.  I never though green tea with lemon did much but green tea with mint can be delicious.  And green tea is everywhere these days, with all your common brands doing about 470 varieties.  Currently, I’m drinking the Clipper green tea in the morning before work because they were selling it in a lovely tin.  Clipper do a rather nice one with elderflower, nettle, fennel, and citrus as well.

And I have a couple of boxes of Twinings green tea at work because they were on a buy one get one free.  Twinings do the mint one I love, but they now also do ones like Mango and Lychee, and Cherry Bakewell.

You can see a Tetley one in the photo, they have a bunch with B vitamins in them, and say things like ‘IMMUNE’, ‘HEART’, and ‘BOOST’.  This gives the impression they will make you completely immune to illness which ain’t true guys.  The amount of vitamins in them will be so small, and you don’t even eat the tea you just drink it’s water.  Ever so slightly more effective than holistic medicine I would think.  But…the forest fruits ones is quite nice, and smells amazing.

For Christmas boyfriend bought me some T2 tea, which is loose leaf tea, and a bit pricey.  He bought me Gen Mai Cha Bancha which is a very gentle, low caffeine green tea.  He got me another green tea which I had to exchange because it had nuts in it and boyfriend is allergic, but stupid and buys things with nuts in…I picked up the delicious Creamy Choc Chai.  Mum got me some Green Chai loose leaf as well, from a company called Farrar’s which I had never heard of before.  I also have a box I just picked up from Sencha green tea Fortnum and Mason which I have yet to try.