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Film Photography- Diana F+ Camera

Some of the best photos with my Diana F+ are the mad ones where there are multiple exposures on one frame.  Above you can see the beautiful pinks of the cherry blossom in Washington DC’s tidal basin.  You can also see on the left the faint image of the tidal basin and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.  There’s a few things going on here.  As well having multiple images superimposed over each other, it also hasn’t wound on enough so both images are cut off weirdly.  Impossible to reproduce.

Above is the water front off Manhattan.  Again the camera hasn’t wound on enough so the shots overlap.  The problem is that they don’t make it clear how far you’re supposed to wind the windy thing to wind it on to the next shot so you have to guess.  I underestimated the amount a few times clearly.

And this is a nice one round the back of my house when I was using up the film so I could get it sent off and developed!


Film Photos of New York- Canon Ixus and APS Film

On my recent trip to New York and Washington DC, I took a couple of film cameras to get some interesting snaps.  These are the pictures from my Canon Ixus using APS film of Manhattan and Brooklyn (more to follow!).  During the first few days the weather was pretty poor and the camera struggled with the low light levels.  Conversely, later on the pictures in Brooklyn seem slightly over exposed…you just can’t win!

New York City on a very rainy day

Canon Ixus

My little Canon Ixus is an electronic film camera from the mid 1990’s.  Which means you need an special expensive film and a special expensive battery.  It’s pretty easy to use.  It has automatic focus, so all you select is aspect ratio (panoramic, classic, and high def).   It’s nice and little.  One of my biggest issues with my film cameras is that they are really bulky because the lens is permanently protruding.  But being slightly more modern the lens goes in and out at the touch of a button.

Brighton Beach at Coney Island, Brooklyn


APS Film

Advanced Photo System film was first produced in 1996.  It was discontinued at least 6yrs ago so harder to get hold of. It’s rather expensive these days at about £10 a film from the internets.  Also I have to send it away online to be developed, and pay something extortionate for development.  There is no film sticking out of the cartridge so you just stick it in the camera, dead simple.  On the end of  the cartridge are the numbers 1-4 and symbols which indicate whether the film is unexposed, partly exposed, fully exposed, and processed.  So, basically you know if it’s a ‘done’ film or not.

Hot dogs at Coney Island, Brooklyn


Peg Bag

How To Make A Peg Bag

Well it’s the post you’ve been waiting for, this is it people, it’s how to make a peg bag!

The weather FINALLY turned decent (it had torrentially raining for days).  I was able to put a few loads of laundry in and use the washing line.  It was an exciting time for us.  But I realised we needed a peg bag.

What You Need

  • Fabric- I used 4 fat quaters, because I lined mine.  Without a lining you could get away with 2.
  • Coat hanger

What You Do

  1. Position your coat hanger at the top of your fabric and draw a line along the top of it.   The cut along that line, leaving some extra seam allowance.  Then figure out how long you want the bag to be and cut the fabric to that length, again leaving some extra seam allowance.  I did this in my main fabric and lining fabric.  This was the back
  2. I sewed those front sides together, leaving a gap of a few inches in one corner so I could then turn it right side out.  I didn’t bother to sew this up yet, just pinned it closed.
  3. I used the remainder of those fat quarters to make the top of the front.  Again I followed the curve of the coat hanger for the top.  The amount I had left went about a third of the way down which was perfect.   Again I sewed them right sides together, leaving my gap in the top right corner.
  4. And I used my other fat quarters for the bottom of the front, pretty simple just a rectangle for the bottom two thirds of the front.  And sewed these right sides together, with a gap bottom right.
  5. Then I put the coat hanger on the top piece again and marked on where the head went so I could leave a gap for it.  Then I sewed the front pieces to the back pieces, right sides together. The front is just left open for easy access to the pegs.
  6. Then I ironed it, and inserted the coat hanger.  And done!

With hindsight, a neater way to do it would have been to create the lining in one piece and the outer layer in one pieces and then attaching them. Also I should have ironed the fabric first but there we go.  Still it took about an hour to make, it’s pretty, it’s got dinosaurs on it, and it’s actually practical.  Win, win, win, win!


Film Photos From My Disposable Fujifilm Camera

I bought a disposable fujifilm camera at Christmas on a whim (£4 from Currys) and finally got the roll developed.  I really need to learn to use the flash with these types of cameras as they do struggle in low lighting.  As well as in lighting I wouldn’t class as ‘low’ but the camera does.  The camera had ISO 200 colour film allowing in less light than a higher ISO.  And on a basic camera like this you can’t adjust the aperture size to compensate for a lower ISO.  Most of the images were quite dark, although the graininess of them is quite atmospheric.  I did some basic digital editing on the images to improve the contrast and you can see how that alters the images below.

fujifilm camera

And the ones below are the best images from the bunch.  It’s a shame the ones I took of the meercats at Tropical World weren’t better.  Below there are some left over mushroom tent thingies from the Lantern Festival in Roundhay Park which looked awesome on the adverts but cost money… The image has an odd pinkish hue which looks quite cool.  And below it there is a shot of a building in Leeds on a cool crisp day, which has blue tones.  And there is a very exciting picture of Keighley Post Office Depot.  At the time boyfriend questioned the why I would want to take a picture of it.  But I think we can all agree it’s quite magnificent.

fujifilm camera

I like using the disposable cameras, they’re easy and fairly reliable.  I have a holiday booked to America in a month and was wondering which camera to take.  I want something reliable, light, compact, and easy to use which leads me towards my digital camera!  But disposable ones do remind me of the olden days when they were always what you took on holidays.


Agfa Film Photos

cnv00011I got some more photos developed from my analogue camera.  This time it was from my Agfa which I was clearly shaking all over the place when I took the snaps because they pretty much all came out blurry.

This was really the first time using it, I did shoot a roll of film in it before but after paying about £10 to develop the roll of pictures my sister had left in there about 3 yrs earlier.  All my hard work down the drain.

With this roll I got two decent images of Castle Hill where we go on Christmas Day for a walk. Continue reading “Agfa Film Photos”