Super Mario and Luigi Pillow Cases


This is part of my- here’s one I made earlier series where I look back at something I’ve already made because I’m pleased with how it turned out.

I made a set of patchwork pillow cases for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, and I used Super Mario and Luigi as my inspiration.  At the time boyfriend was talking about making himself a full patchwork quilt and thinking it would take him a long afternoon.  I did explain it might take a little longer than that but it didn’t matter anyway because he never even attempted it.  But I decided to start him off with some pillow cases.


My first job was to create a template for the patchwork; changing a regular picture of Mario into one that was split into squares (one square in the image being one square of fabric).  I turned the image around and changed some of the colours to make the Luigi one.  I made my squares 3x3cm (although when I cut them out I added 1cm of seam allowance), which made a 45x48cm design. For Mario I needed 44 red squares, 25 brown, 7 black, 35 blue, 2 yellow, 38 pink (skin coloured), and 73 for the background which I did in light blue.  Luigi was the same except the red became green and four of the black became brown (for the moustache).

P1030382After that came the laborious task of sewing the squares together- first into rows, and then the rows together to make the larger image.  It turned out though that my cutting skills were somewhat flawed as the squares were not quite squares and I failed to keep the seam allowance consistent so I had a bit of fudging to do at the end.  I added some strips of blue fabric around the image to make it a pillow case size.  I took another piece of blue fabric that was 20cm longer.  I folded that extra length over to make the hooded section inside pillow cases and then sewed it all together.



I then got to do it all again for the Luigi pillow case!  The pair took me three weeks!