Steampunk Softie Minerva Dupine

Steampunk, if you didn’t know is a kind of re-imagining of the 19th century or American Wild West; sci-fi fuelled by steam power!  There’s all kinds of steampunk flavoured trinkets, books, and dressing up options (think bodices and ray guns).  Boyfriend bought me a cute book for Christmas called ‘Steampunk Softies’ featuring cute steampunk people for you to sew and love.

I picked out Minerva Dupine, because she looked cool and because she required the least ingredients to make her (all in all it cost about £30 to put her together, I had to order online and buy larger amounts than I needed).  It got a little fiddly at time but I’m pretty pleased with the finished result- the big problem is that her head is really heavy and flops over so I have to rest her against the wall!  But I like her style and think the monocle and chain is really cute.


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