How To Make an Autumn Wreath From Felt

I love felt- expect a blog post dedicated entirely to this fuzzy fabric but until then have a look at my Autumn Wreath made from felt leaves in all different autumnal colours.  I started with felt in autumnal colours to mimic the changing colour of leaves in autumn.

I drew out some leaf templates in paper and then used these to cut out my felt.  I tried to mix up the types of leaf and colour of felt which probably isn’t exactly how things roll in nature but I thought it would look better that way.  When I cut out the leaves in felt I cut them in sets of two.

I pinned the leaves together in their sets and then hand sewed around the edges using red, green, and brown thread. Before I finished sewing them up and stuffed each one with toy stuffing to pad them out.  I sewed up the hole, then sewed some of them up the middle to add a leafy detail.

 This was the first batch of leaves I made, and I thought they were super cute although the orange ones are very orange!  I then started arranging them in a circle to form the wreath, I pinned them at first then hand stitched a few stitches to join each leaf together.

Afterwards I decided that I needed another row of leaves to fill it out so I spent another few evenings sewing them up and added them to the inside. I also added two little green ones at the top as little extras!  Not sure where I’m going to put this up yet but I like the idea of seasonal decorations.