What To Do With- Felt

I think I mentioned earlier that I love felt!  It is cheap and easier to hand sew (I generally hate hand sewing but not with felt), but mainly it’s because you make such cute things with it!

I started off with a zombie that I made using a template that someone had photocopied from a book- meaning I only had one template!  So a lot of the little people I made are the same shape!  I followed it up with a ninja in plain black that I made and gave to boyfriend who liked it and took it to work, alas I can’t find any photos of it 🙁  But I made a better more interesting ninja for boyfriend who then rejected it so I kept it for myself.

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I made some really cute Christmas decorations from felt for Christmas 2011- I think I took a week off work to make Christmas decorations because that’s the way I roll.  I made felt Christmas trees, presents, gingerbread houses, and gingerbread men.  My favourite is the gingerbread houses which took a little extra time but I love the little candy canes I sewed on them.  The gingerbread men were the worst to make, they were really tricky to stuff and by the time I came around the sewing their faces I was in a bad mood and some of them are a little funny looking!

I made a few geeky felties including Mario from Super Mario, I also made a soft toy of Mario which I prefer but I got some good feedback on this little guy.  I also made a tie fighter from Star Wars, which I made for boyfriend but kinda ended up keeping it for myself…he loves tie fighters but couldn’t figure out where to hang it in his room.  I now have a picture of a scene from Star Wars if Han and Leia so I have a very small Star Wars corner in my room!  And I made a terrarium (a little garden arranged in a scene) for boyfriend (hmm there is a theme here) and made a felt Ewok to live in the terrarium.  He ended up being twice the size of the little houses!