Charity Shop Dress Adjustment

This is a dress I bought for £9.95 at a charity shop, it was a size 22 (I’m about a 10) and I knew it wouldn’t fit but I liked the pattern so I bought knowing I would have to make changes to it.  I started but cutting off the pleated skirt at the bottom, and taking it in significantly to fit my waist.  I think took the top half of the dress in to match the skirt, but split the amount on each side so it would keep the shape of the top, I also took in the arms which were too big.  Then I reattached the skirt but several inches higher up than where it had been, so it actually sat around my waist.   I folded the neckline to make a v-neck, and then moved the shoulders up as they didn’t sit on my shoulders.  I’m quite pleased the result although it’s shorter than I expected it would be.

dress adjust