Trouser Making Fail- And Some Trouser Making Tips

I have never successfully made a pair of trousers!  There I said it!  I have made several attempts but getting the fit right is very difficult, as it is finding a pair of trousers in the shop that fit correctly.  It’s an awkward area the crouch…also the addition of zips and buttons makes it even more daunting.  Anyway, I thought I would share some of my attempts (including my first attempt which is quite amusing) as well as tips of how you put trousers together.

Trouser Fail

One simple way to make trousers is to use an existing pair as a template (this is true of all clothing), turn the trousers inside out the put one leg inside the other so you only have one leg to draw around- then trace the back and front.  That’s it- you have two pieces; a back and a front leg, and you cut them out twice for each leg.

What you don’t do is make the legs first by making two tubes and then try to attached a super wide waistband to the top of the them, which is what I did a few years ago when I made my first pair (see right).

With my crazy clown trousers I could have shoplifted a couple of watermelons no problem but I’m no sure how flattering they were to my figure and so alas they go unworn.



When you’ve got your leg pieces cut out you put the left back and front together (right sides together) and sew all the way up the outside edge and up the crouch on the inseam. And the same for the right front and back pieces.  As you can clearly see from my beautiful drawing on the left- who needs expensive software when MS Paint can produce results like this?


blue trouser (6)

Anyway, once you’ve done that you keep the legs inside out and place one inside the other and line them up.  Then sew them together around the crouch.  Of course that’s without a zip or any fastening in which case you’ll want to put some elastic in the waist.

But like I said I am no trouser expert!

blue trouser (3)
These were wearable for a while but don’t quite fit right now.
Check Trousers
These were a lesson in putting the pattern pieces the correct way around unless you want 19th century style jodhpurs.

If you were wondering- no I haven’t tried making trousers out of sensible fabric, I haven’t made any in a while but when I did I was picking up cheap remnants of fabric.   I’m currently trying to lose a little weight which should hopefully make it easier to get the fit correct as I currently straddle two sizes, once I do I might invest in some nice trousery trouser fabric and try again.