Fabric Christmas Tree

We always have a real Christmas Tree at home but they are large and expensive so I made myself a cute little fabric one last that I’ve brought out again this year.

It was quite simple to make- I cut out 6 large triangles (four in one fabric and two in another), and sewed them into pairs (leaving the bottom side open).

Christmas Tree

I lay the three triangles on top of each other and sewed them all together vertically up the middle.  The I stuffed all the pockets with toy stuffing and sewed up the bottom seams.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

I wrapped a piece of brown fabric around the bottom as the trunk but that is mostly hidden because I put the tree in a small metal plant pot I bought.  I already had the fabric and the toy stuffing so the only thing I had to buy was the plant pot which only cost a few pounds (toy stuffing is very cheap and fabric can be cheap if you buy remnants).  

And that was that!  I have to pin my tree decorations on to as there’s nothing to hang them on which looks silly but I like it!

Boyfriend thinks it ‘looks nice, sort of like a cucumber’ which is exactly what I was going for so that’s good.