Lomography Diana F+ Camera

All my cameras- except the one Im using to take the picture!
Diana F+
My New Diana F+

My pre-christmas present to myself is a Diana F+ camera!  If you are unfamiliar with lomography it is essentially analogue rather than digital, shooting on film and seemingly going back in time.  You just have to shoot and experiment and you can’t see if any of your shots have come off until you’ve used up the entire film and had it developed.

It produces quirky and unique photos usually because of things like accidental multiple exposures or using dodgy film that would be prevented or deleted if you were using a digital camera.  The films are also quite expensive too- particularly when you’re used to taking 1000s of photos at a time at no extra cost.

The Diana is a classic lomo camera and the F+ means it has flash capability, although I actually bought it without the flash element to save money!  It has a range of picture sizes, I can do endless panaramic shots, pinhole shots, use different types of film, and play around with exposure settings.  I am not a lomography expert my any means- I do already have one camera which has a fisheye lens but I got a bit tired of just taking fisheye photos.  I also got sick of carrying the camera as they are so bulky (and the lens doesn’t retract) you can’t put it in your pocket.  Also I couldn’t quite let go of my digital camera so I was juggling two cameras when I went out!

Anyway, this one was about £33 for the camera and £13 for 3 films, so I went for it.  Ill play with it over Christmas and maybe Ill have some fun photos to share when I come back!