Upcycling Clothing

I thought it might be nice, as the new year is nearly upon us (2014!) to do a mini review of some of the clothes I’ve made this year.

I think a lot of people take the New Year as an opportunity to wash the slate clean and start things afresh but sometimes we are too eager to throw out the slightly tarnished and replace with the shiny and new and assume that will automatically be better.  So, before I launch into a stinging attack on our modern consumerist throw-away culture that alienates even myself, I decided to focus this post not on the new clothes I’ve made but the alterations I’ve made to old clothes, particularly those I’ve bought from second-hand shops.

I quite like buying clothes that are far too big for me and taking them in, knowing I have plenty of extra fabric to work with.

dress adjustment
This dress was a size 22, and I am a 10. It was about £10, and has an awesome fake pocket square which I kept! I bought it from a charity shop (Scope I think) in York.
velvet dress77
This is not a great photo, but I bought this large velvet dress, took it in, and made it shorter. I also adjusted the neckline which isn’t clear in the photo but I faked that the top was a wrap around and gave it a V-neck instead of a round neck.
Velvet Dress
You can see the detail a little better in this photo.
Duvet Dress
I bought a single duvet from a local charity shop for less than £5 and used it to make this dress.
Blue Blouse
I may not look like I did anything radical to this blouse but I did have to make changes to make it wearable. I bought it at a vintage fair for £2 (I got 5 things for £10 in a special offer).
Blue Blouse
I took the elastic and bows from of the cuffs, and sewed the bows on the bottom of the blouse. I unpicked and resewed the collar so it didn’t stand upright but lay flat and lost the ribbon. I also lost the belt thingy.