2014 Craft Resolutions

Well I’m not sure resolutions ever really work out but I thought I would jot down a few of my plans for the next year and perhaps I can look back this time next year and see how many I followed through on.

  1. Organise my craft stuff- I do this periodically but it always gets messy again.  I’d like to have a dedicated space/room for it all and separate sewing stuff from paper stuff etc  I am planning to move into a bigger place in the Spring so hopefully the spare bedroom will become a craft/TV room.
  2. Make candles.
  3. Make soap.
  4. Do interesting things with washi tape- I just bought 3 rolls and am in need of projects!
  5. Learn how to crochet and make one of the crocheted robots from my crobots book.
  6. Make trousers- successfully!
  7. Experiment with photography and lomography.
  8. Cook more meals for myself and share them on my blog.

That’s it.  Just 8, seems a bit pathetic if I can’t do that in 12 months!  But it’s hard to plan ahead, so maybe I will do a 6 month review and add some more!