Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair

Judy's Affordable Vintage FairSo, if the world doesn’t want me to spend money it needs to stop scheduling vintage fairs on Saturdays when I’m not working…this was the Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair so it was all affordable (that’s where they got the name from I suspect) although the ‘vintage’ tag is a bit dubious as most of it was probably from the 2000’s!

There was quite a good turnout of stalls and here are a few things I could have bought but didn’t:

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

And here’s the two pieces I bought; a denim play suit and blue dress with matching shrug.  I have not had good results when trying on play suits before, the modern cut seems to be low waist and relatively high crotch so I look like I have tiny short legs and then as soon as I raise my arms I have a play suit wedged up my crotch.  These seem to be the opposite, although I doubt they are the most flattering clothing ever I quite like the fit (they are too big around my waist but still wearable).  And the dress seemed to fit nicely I like the matching shrugy thing.  Although it’s far too cold here to wear either of these right now.

Vintage Fair1
Yes, I have a pose…