A Book Bag

Book BagThis is a bag that is made from a book not a bag to carry books, I saw a good tutorial on Country Living, but here’s what I did.

You Need:

  • Hardback book
  • Fabric- the amount depends on the size of your book, open the book fully then get enough fabric to cover it twice.  That should be enough.
  • Bag Handles (I used left over ribbon but you could also use real handles)
  • Fabric Glue
  • Sewing Machine/Needle and Thread
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife

Take a hardback book with a cool cover (not a book you want to keep!) and use a craft knife to cut away the pages. I used my copy of Star Trek The Next Generation The Genesis Wave- it is not great literature.   I then covered the book cover in vinyl (sticky back plastic) to make the bag more waterproof and durable.

Book Bag

Then hold the book open on a piece of paper and draw around the outline (this is how wide you will be able to open your bag) add about 1cm around the edges as a seam allowance and cut out the triangle.

Use that triangle as a template and cut out 4 pieces from your fabric.  Pair them up and pin them right sides together and sew almost all the way around leaving at least a 2cm gap.  Use that gap to turn the triangles the right way around (this is fiddly! You might need a pokey thing to poke out the corners). Then as neatly as possible sew up the hole.

Book Bag

Then use the book cover as a guide and cut out a rectangle of fabric for you lining- add an extra 1cm at least around all the edges to hem it.  To be extra neat you can sew the hem all the way around the rectangle but I just pinned it for now and used glue later on.

Then iron your fabric rectangle and triangles.

Now glue you bag handles to the inside of the book cover- how you attach them depends on what type of handle you are using but now is the time to attach them.

Book Bag

Then glue the edge of the triangles to the edges of one side of the book cover, and glue the rectangle lining down on that side (don’t put any glue on the other side yet) allow to dry a little.

Book Bag

Now you have to do the same to the other side, which is fiddly, which is why you let it dry a little.  You’ll have to fold the book closed whilst sticking the fabric, but you need to stick the triangles on first and then the rectangle lining afterwards.

Then you’re done!  And if, like me, you used a Star Trek book then it looks very silly but that’s how I roll!


Book BagBook Bag