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Dead Space Sun Cola

This was a goofy present I made for boyfriend for last Christmas because he was going on about Dead Space which is a video game (as I understand it a man called Issac wears a strange exoskeleton suit shooting necromorphs- I do not know what a necromorph is).

Sun Cola

When I looked up Dead Space I saw some stuff on Sun Cola which apparently pops up a lot in the game either in vending machines or advertising.  So I printed off the Sun Cola logo and wrapped it around a can of regular Coke.

Sun Cola

It was a fairly simple craft, the only tricky bit was making sure the print out fit the can properly.  I also needed to wrap cellotape all over it to make it as waterproof as possible.  As you can see it’s not the most sophisticated thing in the world but I was pleased.   I thought it was cute and Boyfriend would appreciate the reference to the game he apparently loves more than life itself.

Boyfriend had no idea what it was…