How (and why) To Backstitch

Back-stitching is one of those things I used to hear about a lot without knowing what it meant- assumed it was technical and fancy and beyond my knowledge so made no attempt to research it.  By chance I happened to find out what it was and it is very simple and very useful.

Basically it means to sew backwards over the area you just sewed and thereby locking in the stitch meaning it wont unravel.  It is especially helpful for sewing seams and hems to make sure they wont come undone.

Back Stitch

All you need to do is start sewing your seam as normal for about 1inch, then set your sewing machine to sew backwards and go backwards over the stitching you just made.  It varies from sewing machine to sewing machine as to how you make the sewing machine sew backwards.  But this is what I do:

Back stitch

There is a button on my sewing machine that I hold down while I hold the sewing foot down and it stitches backwards.

Back Stitch

Back Stitch

When I have sewed back to the beginning I release the back stitch button and allow the machine to sew normally again.  And that’s it.