Steampunk Costume- Ruched Skirt

I did a post before about a fabric haul I had made with the intention of making a steampunk costume.  Boyfriend and I are thinking of going to a steampunk event and I’ve been planning my costume.  If you do a google search you will find some really cool outfits but also a lot of ladies who seem to forgotten to put there clothes on (there does seem to be a big steampunk/burlesque/porn crossover on the web, but then most things crossover with porn on the web I guess…), these are some of the pictures I’ve been using for inspiration:

Steampunk ideas1

I started off with the skirt which I felt would be the easiest part of the costume.  I wanted a ruched skirt (ruched in the front and flat in the back to accommodate the bustle I plan to make) with a tulle/gauzy underskirt.  I didn’t have enough gauzy fabric for a full skirt so I just made a poufy bit and sewed it on the bottom of the skirt!

Ruched skirt Steampunk Ruched skirt Steampunk Costume

1, I had a rectangle of fabric large enough to go around my widest point.  I hemmed the bottom.

2, I created the waistband which is a tube for elastic to go.

3 +4, I fed the elastic through the waistband.

5, I loosely sewed along the bottom of my gauzy fabric (without back stitching).

6, I pulled one of the threads which ruched the fabric.


1, I ruched the skirt and planned out how I wanted it to look.

2, I pinned the wrong side of the skirt where I wanted the ruching.

3, I sewed it.

4, This is the right side of the skirt.  I actually added some more ruching to it though.





Steampunk Ruched Skirt Steampunk Ruched Skirt



And this is the finished skirt- not totally convinced by the ruffly fake underskirt but I can edit the costume as I go.

I am going to add a long bustle on the back, and wear it with a blouse.  And then either a waistcoat or blazer (corsets are popular but hard to make and, I assume, uncomfortable to wear).