World Cup Football Brownies

Boyfriend made these brownies and I thought they were soooo cute and timely (the football World Cup just around the corner*).  I was going to post the recipe for a cake I made but I’ll save that for later!

I don’t have the recipe for these bad boys as boyfriends used a brownies cake mix, in fact basically everything he used came pre-made.  He is a cheat.

Football Pitch Brownies

He used brownies for the base.  He made the grass from crumble mix with green food colouring (he used pre-made crumble mix despite me telling him you can just make it from flour, sugar, and butter at a ratio of 2:1:1).  He used bits of galaxy caramel for the goals, painted the lines on with white writing icing, and little meringues for the footballs.

*If you’re American and have no concept of how the UK reacts to the World Cup imagine Thanksgiving and the Superbowl, and all the other holidays put together but with more chanting and foreign names.