How To Make An Easy Father’s Day Card

Here is how to make a super easy father’s day card using photographs. All you need is some photographs, card, scissors, and glue.  If you are using digital photos you will need to print them out.

How To Make A Father's Day CardFirst I printed out the word DAD is a large clear font onto plain paper and cut out the outline.

Then I found three pictures of my dad on my computer and lined them up in a word document and printed them out on nice glossy photo paper.   The reason I placed them in a word doc first is so that I could make them all the same size.  I used three images, one for each letter of the word DAD- so I needed to make sure my photos were the same size as each other and the letters I had already printed .How To Make A Father's Day Card

Then I placed the first letter onto the first word and cut around the letter.  You need to keep booth pieces of paper still while you do this which can be a little tricky.  Do the same for the other two letters.

How To Make A Father's Day CardThen I got my card and folded it in half .  Then I took the images (now cut into letters) and glued them to my card.

Ta da!