Trip To A Steampunk Fair

Yesterday was day one of an underwhelming waterfront festival in my fair city, the miserable weather did not help create any atmosphere but neither did the lack of stuff to do or look at (and the stuff that was there was hidden away).  But further down the waterfront was a steampunk fair and we headed down to where we perused the steampunk goods as well as the old watermill it was situated in, we tried our hand at archery (I’m pretty amazing at it) and I bought a bottle of coke.

steampunk and waterfront festival
Steampunk and Waterfront festival

Since we’re planning to go to a steampunk event in October I was hoping to get inspiration for my costume but, although some people were dressed up it was more of a family thing and most people were children in children clothes.  It did inspire me to start working on another part of my costume which is my ray gun so watch this space for that post!