How To Make Your Own Nakd Bars (for half the price)

Nakd Bars
The Original Cocoa Delight Nakd Bars

Nakd bars* are the hip new big thing, well they’ve been around for a while but there increasingly easy to get hold of these days.  They are raw bars made from uncooked fruit and nuts (some of the bars have oats in I think, and the Trek bars have oats and soya and a whole bunch of other things but the a lot of the Nakd bars are almost entirely made from fruit.  In fact that are mainly made from dates which are extremely sweet due to a high content of naturally occurring sugar.

I used to buy them as they are surprisingly tasty and a healthy alternative to chocolate bars and, due to the nuts, have a high protein content for a little bar. But, because they are full of fruit, they are high in sugar and I cut them out trying to reduce my sugar content although I do seem to have replaced them with chocolate so I’m not sure it really worked!  Also they end up being kind of expensive with prices ranging from 70-90p per bar.

A friend at work declared she didn’t buy them anymore because she felt she could make them herself easily.  I didn’t point out that she hadn’t made any and instead took it as a challenge to make my own.  I started with the cocoa delight flavour which is nice and cocoa-y but contains only 4 ingredients- Dates, Cashews, Raisins, Cocoa (and natural cocoa flavouring which meant nothing to me so I ignored it).  They even tell you the percentages of each ingredient making my life much easier! Ingredients:

  • 48% Dates (I used 96g)
  • 29% Cashews (I used 58g)
  • 17% Raisins (I used 34g)
  • 6% Cocoa (I used 12g)
How To Make Nakd Bars
How To Make Nakd Bars

I weighed out my dates and raisins and noticed how much dates look like cockroaches.  I really like bugs.  I took this as a good sign. I had to mash up the dates with my hands and a grater and chop the raisins as small as possible. I weighed out the cashews then placed them inside a tea-towel and bash them with a rolling pin.  I opened them up and gently rolled over them to really ground them finely. I added the cocoa powder and then 4 teaspoons of water. I mushed it together by hand and then used a spoon to press the mixture into a dish and placed it in the fridge.

My Finished Homemade Nakd Bars
Homemade Nakd Bars

I probably picked the easiest one to start with because of the simple imgredient list.  Cost wise I spent £4.76 on the dates, cashews, and raisins.  I already had cocoa but I estimate this would cost £2.  With the amounts I bought I could make 500g or about 14 bars which would work out at 48p a bar!

The best part is that they taste soooo good!  Must try the other flavours now!

*The common pronunciation is naked but some people do go for nacked.