How To Cook With Polenta

Polenta is Italian cornmeal made from dried corn, you can get it in a course powder that you mix up yourself.  But I just buy the pre-cooked stuff which comes in a slab like soft cheese, it’s an interesting change from other sources of carbs like pasta or potatoes.  Here’s a couple of ways you can cook it:

Cut the polenta into slices about 1cm thick, and cut similar slices of halloumi.  Put the cheese on the polenta and put under the grill.  They’re done in a few minutes when they have browned. I ate them with some guacomole.Polenta

Fry up some veg, I used courgette, aubergine, onion, and spring onions, and I fried up some slices of polenta.  It only takes a few minutes to cook the polenta then I plated it up and covered in cheese.