Steampunk Camera Case

Camera CaseI’ve made an entire costume for my upcoming steampunk event (skirt, bustle, jacket, shirt, ray gun) and I know I want to take my lomography Diana F+ as well as my digital guy.  It seems fitting to use a film camera at an old-fashiony futuristic event… But the camera is very plastic and anachronistic so I wanted to make a case to put it in.

I needed to be able to access the various buttons to adjust the settings, and get the camera in and out.  A fabric case with a zip or fastening of some kind would have been great but I didn’t have much time so I knocked a quick one up from cardboard.

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Camera Case1I made a prototype out of paper before moving on the cardboard, unfortunately my first attempt didn’t go very well because I suck as cutting out circles so I had to try again!  I simple made a front and back piece with a hole cut in the front for the lens and one in the back for the frame counter which protrudes. Once I’d made it up I painted it brown and used a gold ink pad to add a distressed effect.  I cut 4 thin pieces of elastic and sew them into loops, I painted them with the gold ink pad and this is what I am using to hold the case together.