Star Trek Insignia/Communicator Badge

Heading to Play Expo for the second year (it was really good last year) where they have all manner of gaming stuff on show.  There’s also a lot of dress up and cosplay, so I thought I’d get in on the act (in a small way!)

Star Trek BadgesI’ve made myself a couple of badges that are worn on the uniform in Star Trek.  In the original series (which I’ve been watching recently) they are just a silver insignia on their uniforms with different symbols for Command, Science, Medical, Engineering.  I picked science.  I got the image from the interwebs (be forewarned there are about 700 different insignia and communicator styles!) and cut the shape our of felt twice. I then used thick black thread to sew up the two pieces and attempt to add the science symbol.  I also stuffed in some toy stuffing.

Unknown Person

Star TrekIn The Next Generation (the best series) the insignia have been turned into their personal communicators now made from gold and platinum but without the symbols.  I tried the no-sew approach with this one for a more sleek look, so I used all purpose glue. It didn’t really work, as the glue seeped through the felt but didn’t actually stick it together.  So I started again and used glue to attach the triangular shape to the oval shape, then used thread to sew the other pieces together.

Star Trek BadgeCollages3