Manchester Play Expo!

We just got back from Play Expo and I thought I’d share my snaps!  It’s an event we went to last year and had such a good time we went back again, it’s a huge space full of sci-fi and gaming related stuff like stalls with stuff for sale, cosplay performances, gaming tournaments, film memorabilia etc.

Play Expo 2014 Last year I got my photo taken with pikachu!  He wasn’t there in person this time but you can never get to far away from my favourite pokemon…  And I bought some pokemon cards!  I almost bought a pikachu t-shirt but the smallest size was a mens XS which was a 36 inch chest which I don’t have…

There were various games to play from pinball to PS4, the funniest looked like Octodad about an Octopus masquerading as a man trying to get ready for his daughter’s wedding.

Play ExpoThere weren’t as many people dressed up this year, and the cos play performances weren’t as good either.  People were probably put off by how badly run the cos play tournament was last year and didn’t bother putting any effort in.  I wore my star trek dress and star trek communicator badge and looked adorable. 🙂Play Expo 2014