Dinosaur Buns

Dino buns1I made some buns!  I made them dino shaped using a silicone cake mold- silicone is awesome, it probably gives you cancer but the little cakes slid out so easily and it cools down really quickly too unlike metal pans.

It was a simple recipe:
125g sugar
125g margarine
125g self-raising flour (I used plain flour because that’s what I had and it totally did not work properly!)
2 eggs
3tbsp cocoa flour

Dino bunsDino BunsCream the sugar and marge together, then add the (sieved) flour and cocoa, and then the eggs.  Mix it all smooth. Then I spooned the mixture into the dino molds and baked for 10-15mins (owing to my using plain flour and over filling the molds meant it took more like an hour!).

Dino Buns

Chocolate Icing PowderI also made up some regular round cakes but split the mixture in two, one I added the cocoa and orange flavouring and the other I omitted the cocoa and added some vanilla extract.

I covered the buns with either butter cream or icing (I have some cool flavoured icing powder which is very handy).  I’m reasonably pleased with how they turned out, although after I put on the icing I lost some of the dino details.