Colette 1019 Clover Trousers

Clover ColetteSo I posted a while ago about my Colette Juniper trousers which worked out quite well, I had also bought the Colette Clover pattern so I knocked some of them up too.

As with the Juniper trousers the pattern was easy to follow apart from the waistband which confused me greatly several times.  I was pleased with the finished Clovers but the waistband is a little loose and low for me. Still I like the little pockets in the front which lie nice and flat and hidden.  They are surprisingly flattering considering how difficult it is to get trousers to fit (hey if I can make a pair why can’t any high street shop?).  I made them out of fun anchor fabric with a contrasting blue flowery fabric that my sister had bought me from the V and A. Colette Clover Trousers