Printing With Rubber Stamps

I’ve heard more than once about using rubbers/erasers to make stamps but I’d never actually tried it.  For one thing rubbers are not something I really keep around the house anymore so it’s a trek into town to purchase them.  But trek I did and I bought two for £2, they’re just regular (cheap) ones that you might put in a boring child’s pencil case.

Anyway, I drew on my designs; HAPPY XMAS and a Christmas Tree because I want to jazz up my plain brown wrapping paper for Christmas.  I had to write my text backwards as the stamps print in reverse.


Rubber Printing5I then used a tool I had got into a Scratch Image set a while ago to cut away at the rubber leaving the letters and tree remaining.

I pressed the rubber stamps into a ink stamp pad I have and then did some test prints.  I like it turned out really cute!  I plan to go and buy some more and make different designs like stars and holly.