Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

This is the felt Christmas Wreath I made for my mum.  I gave it to her for her birthday because if I waited until Christmas it would be too late to put it up!

First I made a paper template of a holly leaf and then I cut out the leaves in green felt, in total I cut out 48.  I then paired them up and sewed the pairs together, I filled them with toy stuffing and made 24 of the 3d leaves.

Christmas Wreath4





I then sewed 11 of them together in a rough circle, and another 11 inside as an inner circle.  I added the last two at the bottom because wreaths always seem to have a couple sticking out of the bottom like that.

I then added the bow.  I cut three strips of red felt and folded two into loops and attached them to the bottom of the wreath.  I folded the third red strip into an upside v shape and sewed this all in place on the wreath.

I’m pleased with it, even though it did come out kinda lopsided.

So anyone else been making Christmas decs?