My Attempt At Veggie Meatballs

Veggie meatballs.  Because the problem with meatballs has never been the joyously convenient bite- sized ball shape, it’s been the horrid meaty taste.  The solution- make them out of oats and beans!

So I started with a recipe but that fell apart so this might be hard to follow, but they did taste ok (on the bland side though but that is how I like my food!).

Veggie MeatballsI used oats, black eyed beans, sweetcorn, tomato, avocado which I then blended and I had to add lots of water  because my blended is rubbish which made it too runny so I had to mix in more oats.  Once blended I scooped some out with a spoon and put some dollops on a plate (it was still too sticky  to actually ‘ball’ up).  Then I fried them in coconut oil which is the hot new thing to use now.  It took a few minutes to brown them and then I ate them!Veggie Meatballs