Lomography Photography- Mini Diana Camera

Here are the first pics I’ve had developed with my Mini Diana camera, I used colour negative ISO 800 film.

Photography Diana Camera

As cute as the little camera is she is not the most obedient, and I’ve struggled in particular with getting the frame counter to move on as I take the pictures.  When I had the photos developed the lady at Jessops told me it took her longer than normal because the sprocket holes were damaged (the holes at either side of the film/negatives) and I think this is because of how many times I put the film in and out to figure out if it was working!

Lomography Diana

0034671With the Mini Diana you have the option to do full size pics or two half size pics for each frame.  It means that when you turn the frame counter on you only turn it a quarter of the way instead of half way when you do the smaller images.  Alas lomography don’t like to make things easy and don’t actually mark on how far to turn it so you have to guess. This is why there are quite a few overlaps. You also have to remember that landscape and portrait are the other way around so you have to turn the camera.

lomography photographylomography photography

I have half a role in the camera now that I need to work on, I had thought I had taken a role of film but then I opened it up to find the film hadn’t advanced at all so the first frame probably has 36 images on it!  But I took some over Christmas and it would be nice to get those developed.