Stitching Sewing and Hobbycrafts and Cake International at Event City in Manchester

Managed to score some tickets for the Stitching Sewing and Hobbycraft and Cake International shows at Event City in Manchester so off we went.  I have to be honest they were both disappointing and we were there for about 1.5 hrs which isn’t very long given that I paid about £16 for two people, and it is essentially a big shop with lots of stalls flogging various craft related merch.


I found a lot of the stalls to be repetitive and I wanted more unique crafts and things I hadn’t seen before.  Although I am always bemoaning the lack of decent fabric stores around me I didn’t really want a whole row of fabric stalls selling the same £12 a meter fabric that I can’t afford!  Also the layout was stupid as they had the stalls near the door and the refreshments at the back meaning there was lots of space at the back of the hall and a bottleneck of really slow middle-aged women near the entrance.

They also had a display of clothes from Mr Selfridge which was nice but a little random.


We also went into the Cake International Show which was a similar kettle of fish, albeit made from sugar icing.  Most of that hall was the entries to the fancy cake decorating competition.  There was also a few stands selling stuff but again nothing I hadn’t seen elsewhere, and a weird 50 Shades of Cake thing which you had to be over 18 to go into.  There was a topless man made of cake next to a bed with handcuffs on it, and there were peepholes and when you looked through you saw glimpses of a lady made of cake in her underwear.  It was weird, and creepy, and dull all at the same time. Cake InternationalCake International