Lomography Photography- Mini Diana F+

Lomography PhotosI’m still trying to get to grips with my Mini Diana F+ camera.  It is still eating the film (literally I opened the back of the camera and little bits of film sprinkled out) and not moving the dial on meaning I don’t know how many pictures I’ve taken.  In fact I ruined a few of the pictures by opening the back of the camera and exposing the film because I didn’t know if I’d finished the roll.

Actually, on Christmas Day I had taken a whole bunch of pictures and was struggling to wind the film on, I opened to the back to find it hadn’t moved on at all and none of my pictures had taken.  Also little Diana didn’t seem to like taking pictures indoors as it was too dark so all my Christmas snaps are grey and blurry which sucks!

Also, as I mentioned before, there are no marks on the dial to let you know how far to turn it to move the film on.  The result is a lot of overlapping photos.

Lomography PhotographyLomography PhotographyLomography Photography