I made trousers!

Trousers are a tricky thing to get right.  I have been wanting to make some for ages as I can never find any to fit properly.  I bought some Clover patterns last year and made them up and was pleased with the results although they were too big around the waist (as usual) so I haven’t actually been able to wear them.

Black Trousers

Collages5So I took my Clover 1019 pattern and made the back waistband about 2cm smaller and the darts in the back bigger to match. I also made the legs several cm longer as they were too short last time but that was an easy edit. The result fits much better than they did last time, although they might be a little too small now! I used thick black fabric I bought from the market so that I can wear them for work.  There are two little pockets in the front for which I used a fat quarter with some peacocks on it!  I didn’t do the pockets neat enough and they aren’t hidden like they should be!