This Book Is Full Of Spiders by David Wong- Book Review

Book reivew!  My first book of 2015 (yes it’s taken a while, but I had a few missteps with other tomes that didn’t work for me!).

This Book Is Full Of Spiders by David WongThis Book is Full Of Spiders by David Wong is a sequel to John Dies At The End and matches it for a clunky but eye-catching title!  I haven’t read the first book but boyfriend and I saw the film of it at out local film festival about 3 years ago- I don’t think it ever got a proper UK release or a region 2 DVD release which is a shame because it was AWESOME!

To catch you up- David and John live in weirdsville where they investigate/run away from monsters from alternate dimensions and what not. They are pretty much the only people who can see these creatures because of a weird drug they took called Soy Sauce. And David has a girlfriend who has one hand.  Basically, it’s like Buffy but with more swearing and alcohol.

This Book made me laugh twice on the first page so I knew that I would like it.

Anyway, it’s two in the morning and we’re taking turns pissing off of the tower (rather than going at the same time, because we weren’t raised by wolves).

The monster creatures are genuinely deadly but the humour is surreal.  The friendship between John and David is nicely drawn too.  The book manages to paint them as slackers with little motivation without getting all creepy and misogynistic as so many bromances do these days.  For example, in one instance, John accidentally sends David a picture of his penis. He then quickly calls him and tells him not to open the text, and then sends him another picture.  This all takes places as David is trying to fight off an attack by a giant vicious killer spider.  David has a sweet, funny, and believable relationship with his girlfriend too.  Although things fell apart slightly for me in the passages supposedly from Amy’s perspective, it did seem like womany thoughts drummed up by a man.

But he’d either tell her or he wouldn’t, she’d learned that she couldn’t press John like she could David. Every conversation took place on his terms.

This Book Is Full Of Spiders by David Wong
Totally genuine, spontaneous, and not-at-all staged photo of me reading…

The best bits were definitely the conversations between John and David, or the skype conversation between Amy and David but it felt a little lost when David wasn’t there and when the action left the town, kind of like when a sitcom goes on holiday.  By the middle of the book the humour had disappeared and was replaced by death and gore (it’s a blood bath) which I found a little confusing.  Also I found the suspense undermined because (SPOILER- highlight to reveal) you know the three main characters all survive because the book is written as a first-person account of what happened with contributions from all three.

I’m glad I read it, I got quite into it but I wish it had maintained the humour throughout and been a little less confusing!