Nail Polish Stand (made from foam)

P1100292I have lots of nail polish (about 70)! Considering how badly I paint my nails I think it’s probably too many- but I’m very fickle and change my colour constantly (and Barry M just keep making more colours!).  I haven’t really been able to find good storage as it’s hard to see the colours unless they are stored upside down and then they fall over a lot.

Until now!

I used foam wrapped in fabric to make tiered stands for the nail polish to stand on.  I cut my foam that was 25 x 3cm and cut into 6 strips (14, 13, 10, 9, 6, 5cm). This made me two stands each with three layers, and I made the shelves slightly different sizes to fit different size polish bottles.

nail polish holder1I used a fat quarter for each stand and cut out a piece of fabric for each shelf, I cut slits at the corners to allow them to fold neatly around and used all purpose glue to glue the fabric to the foam.  I then glued the three shelves on top of each other. I didn’t have enough room for my glitter polishes so they are back in the bin they were in before so I’ll need to make another stand!

Nail Polish Stand