Thrift Store Dress Adjustment

Dress Adjustment  ‘Thrifting’ isn’t really a thing over here and I actually found this dress at a Vintage kilo fair but it’s not really vintage.  It’s really a ‘second-hand’ find but not from a standard second-hand shop so thrift seemed the most appropriate term…

Anyway…I was attracted to the bright pink colour and pattern, and thought it would be a nice spring dress.   But it’s too big for me so it’s sat in a pile waiting to be adjusted.

I removed the sleeves from the dress and unpicked the side seam as well. I took off the sleeves to make it easier to take the dress in, and because doing so meant the arm hole would change size and therefore the sleeves would have to be adjusted themselves.

I tried on the dress and marked on how much I wanted to take it in, then took it off and pinned the new side seams, making sure that the right and left sides were equal.  When I say ‘making sure’ I obviously mean I glanced at it and it looks alright, I don’t meant to suggest that I measured anything!Dress Adjustment

There were some darts in the back and I made them bigger to take some more of the excess of the back of the dress, then I reattached the sleeves.  Then I was done!Dress Adjustment