Beirette Film Camera

My sister bought a bunch of old film cameras from the internet (ebay flavour I believe) for her wedding, and passed a couple on to me.  One of which is this Beirette, which came in a crazy case that made it look like a gas mask.


According to a random website I’ve found and chosen to believe without any further research, Beirettes were 35mm compact cameras made in East Germany from 1958-80’s by Beier.  I believe the one I have may be from the 1968 but I’m making an educated guess. As well A ‘Beirette’ and ‘Made in Germany’ the camera has ‘E. Ludwig Merritar 2.9/4.5’ written around the lens which seems to match the 1968 model.

BeiretteCollages5I don’t know what all the numbers are about so I’ve just twiddly the dials randomly and taking pictures.  Hopefully, some will come out and I’ll be able to share them.  What I do like about the camera is the glass in the viewfinder is slightly brown which automatically makes it all look oldy-fashiony.