Beirette Film Camera Photos

Beirette Photography

I blogged before about my new/old film camera; a Beirette from East Germany circa 1968, and this is the first roll of film I got back from it.  Alas I lost the other roll which had potentially more interesting pictures but hopefully that will turn up at some point.

Beirette film photography

The Beirette has lots of numbers on it that I’m going to get some much smarter to explain to me, but whilst I was first playing around with it I just put it on random settings which is why a lot of them are out of focus.  But there are 27 photos that came out fine (apart from the dodgy focus) which is a lot better than my other cameras have done!

Beirette Film PhotographyThese are some pics from Kirby Londsdale in the Lake District which I visited over Easter weekend.Beirette photography