How To Make A Purse with Pocket

I’ve been struggling to find a purse that works for me for a while (the correct size, with pockets, and zips) so I thought I would use some of the fat quarters that have been in my stash for ages and make one.  I wanted a fairly simple rectangular purse with a central zipped pocket inside.

So I started by cutting my pieces of fabric- I did 4 pieces for the purse of 14 x 20cm (two of those pieces were the lining fabric), and I did 4 pieces for the pocket at 10 x 20 (again two in lining fabric).  I took the purse fabric and laid out the outer fabric face up with the zip on top and the lining fabric face down on the top of that, and sewed the zip in place.  I then did the same for the other side of the zip.  And I did exactly the same for the smaller pocket fabric pieces.

Purse with pocketI then opened the purse pieces out so that the outer fabric pieces were facing and opened the zip, then sewed around the edge of the outer purse pieces.  I then took the pocket and placed it in place in-between the two purse lining fabric pieces and sewed around the edges through all layers of fabric.  You’ll need to leave a hole though, and then pull the outer part of the purse through that hole.Purse Purse with pocket1And this is my finished result.  It’s been a while since I did any sewing and I feel like I forgot everything- I didn’t iron anything and I sewed the hole in the lining up really messily so I’ll have to fix that at some point.

But it’s usable!  With some practice I’m sure I’ll be able to make them look neater!

Purse with pocket2