My Cameras

Ok, so I have 12 cameras.  Which is excessive for someone that still keeps her digital camera on auto permanently.  Also a few of them are broken…Collages8This is my Diana F+ and mini Diana F+.  The F is for flash but as you can see I bought them without flashes because the flash was significantly more expensive, it made the camera more bulky and it would have meant having to put batteries in them.  I do like my big Diana, it took me a while to get to grips with it but I got some nice pictures from my trip to America.  But the mini Diana is very tricky to use as the film gets all caught up and has been difficult to get developed as a result. It does has a function which allows you to change the size of the image although it’s hard to know how far to wind the film on.2012 Fisheye

My first lomography camera was a fisheye one that takes a picture with 180 degree lens so it’s all circley.  It was a fun novelty but I got a bit bored with the fisheye effect in all my photos.  I might break it out at some point again though.


This my Beirette which I’ve been using a lot recently and I’ve found it quite successful.

It has lots of numbers on the front, a smart person explained the distance one to me and the others I’ve just put on the red setting which I think is the ‘auto’ equivalent.

My other film camera haven’t been tested yet.  One required special film which I Cameras3haven’t got yet.  I also have a lomography Konstruktor which comes in a kit you make yourself.  Apparently, it’s quite challenging.  I got it free because it had been made one and doesn’t work.  I also have a cardboard pin hole camera which I tried to use but I had no idea if it was working or not. I also have an old disposable which I’m going to try next.


And these are my digital cameras.  The one bottom left is the one I use although I am thinking of upgrading soon.  The other three are broken!