Trouser Mock Up

I’ve done a few posts on the Colette Juniper trousers, but the fit was never quite right.  So I went onto the Colette website and used their informative cheat sheet on trouser pattern adjustments to conclude I had a small waist, long torso, and full butt.*

It meant that the back of the trousers sat much lower than the front, there was a gape in the back waistband, and  the fabric pulled down around the crotch.

So I used their guide to make adjustments to the pattern pieces, which involved tracing the pattern pieces then cutting into them and making it up as I went along.  You have to mark certain points on the pieces then slash along lines, and pivot sections but there was little guidance as to where the point and lines were to go.

Trouser Mock Up

Trouser Mock Up1I bought some cheap muslin to mock up the trousers using my mutant pattern pieces.  I honestly can’t decide if they fit better.  The back doesn’t gape but it still sits a little low, the front sits very high up, and there seemed to excess fabric around the crotch.

So I think I’ll make some changes to the muslin trousers, then mark those changes on the pattern pieces, and make them up again.

This trouser business is tricky!

*Their terminology…