Analogue/Film Photography of Munich

I used my Le Clic camera and Tiger 110 lomography film* when I was in Munich recently.  It’s light weight and easy to use- a lot easier than lomography camera imo!  The film is really easy to deal with, and you don’t need to rewind it when you’re done.  Getting it developed was a little trickier as my usual place Jessops don’t do 110 anymore, but I have a place I use online.  It cost £10 for development and cd rom without prints.

Munich Le Clic Film Photography 110 filmNaysayer boyfriend didn’t think the pictures would come out as he believed that it would only be able to focus on things about 30m away.  He was wrong but some of the images were too dark as I didn’t use the flash. I don’t like using the flash on non-digital cameras as it’s really hard to turn it off afterwards.le clic 110 munich and salzburg

Above you can see the Munich Olympic Stadium from 1972, and the view of Munich from the top of the Olympic Tower. You can see more photos of it on my other blog!
Munich Le Clic Film Photography 110 film

And this is the Englischer Garten on a very hot July afternoon, during the Japan Festival.  Although we didn’t really see much of the festival because there were so many people!

*They also do Lobster and Peacock, I don’t know what they are supposed to do because all the colours in the images look normal to me.