Beirette Film Photography- Camping Photos

Here’s some more of my film photography, using my 1960’s East German Beirette camera and ISO colour 800 film.

Beirette Film PhotographyWe went camping, and enjoyed a brief play on the beach before hitting a beer festival.  A lot of the photos were slightly blurred which I think in part is because of how much it shakes the camera when you take a picture- but the shutter speed is quite fast so usually that is compensated for.  CampingIt was quite a bright day and you can also see that a lot of colour was washed out.  I can’t actually remember if I was using ISO 400 or 800 film for this but the 800 would have been much more sensitive to light so that might explain it.Camping And here are some animals- gibbons, guinea pigs, meercats, and seals been fed although I didn’t really angle the camera well enough for a good shot of that last one!