How To Make A Soft Dino Rattle For Babies

My first project as an Aunt for my little niece is an attempt at a rattle (although it only has bells in it, so is it called a jingle?).  She is going to be 5 months old when I give this to her, so I will let her parents decide if it safe for her to play with but the only I found online to copy was for babies.

I drew a template of a dinosaur (essentially a simplified Steg) with a separate template for the body and the spikes.  I also created a piece for the underneath of the dino so it would stand up.

  • Template
  • T-shirt fabric
  • Bells
  • Toy stuffing

Dino rattle

I used old t-shirts to but the pieces from.  I cut out 6 circles in different sizes to use as spots and glued them to the body pieces.  In the end I decided to sew them in place as well to make them more secure.   I then moved onto the 5 spikes, cutting 10 pieces in total, pairing them up and sewing them right sides together. Then turning them out.

I took the body pieces and put them right sides together, I then inserted the spikes in-between the body pieces so they would be sewn in place.  Before pinning in place I put a couple of the little bells inside each spike and a small amount of toy stuffing, and then I sewed the body together.

I left the bottom and then pinned in place the last piece of fabric for the underneath of the dinosaur and sewed almost all of the way around but left enough space to turn him the right way around.  I then filled the dino with toy stuffing and bells and hand sewed the last little bit.

Dino RattleYou need to make sure there are no holes or weaknesses to the sewing so the insides don’t come out when the child plays with it.  But even if you’re not 100% convinced by the child proofing you’ve done I think it’s still a nice toy for you to jingle at a child even if you don’t let them handle it unchaperoned.