Beirette Film Photography

I used my Beirette camera and earl grey ISO 100 film to take these pictures of Bolton Abbey, it was a really nice sunny day which is why some of the photos came out over exposed.  I really like this one of the teenagers queuing to walk over the stepping stones.  I had some trouble with the early half of the film because I hadn’t focused the camera properly and the landscapes worked out much better than the up close and personal ones.

Film PhotographyFilm PhotographyWe went to Liverpool and I finished off the black and white film there, I got this nice (albeit overexposed) image of the pier at Southport.  If you think the sea looks weird that’s because it is sand with some little puddly bits.  But the way the pier shoots off towards the horizon is pretty cool- like I’m a proper artist.  SouthportLiverpoolAnd a few of Liverpool- we found a big anchor and a big telescope.  I switched over to colour before we left and took a few of the park in Southport, as well as the fountain and statue in Liverpool.   The black and white are more arty but weirdly harder to get developed.  Even though you can develop black and white in your own bathroom easier than colour to get it done professionally you have to send it away which is annoying!Film PhotographyFilm Photography

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