Photo-A-Day- October

Getting towards the end of my photo-a-day photo challenge for October and these are the images from 17th-24th.  I’ve been getting back into my regular, mundane, routine after my holiday so I’m not sure the photos are that exciting.  In fact, one day I went to bed thinking I had forgotten to take one but woke up and realised I had taken a dull picture of a hotel on my way to work.october photo project

Day 17- attempting to make a pumpkin soup.
Day 18- trip to Fred Aldous craft store- through the glass.
Day 19- carrot cake for someone’s leaving do at work.
Day 20- getting back into the gym.
Day 21- early start at work, walking past this hotel.
Day 22- creating a low-fi standing desk so I’m not sat down all the time.
Day 23- another early start and the sun hasn’t fully risen when I arrive at work.
Day 24- pumpkins!