Photo A Day- October 25- Nov 1st

And the month is over, and so is my photo-a-day challenge.  The last part of the month proved to be less photogenic than the first, mainly rainy and grey.  Still I was feeling pretty good that I had remembered to take a picture everyday…until October 27th happened…

It was a dull grey day, I spent most of it at work, afterwards I headed to the gym, then home.  It was uninspired and the next day I wondered what gem I had found to photograph and include on my blog, and that’s when it hit me…I hadn’t taken a photo at all on the 27th!

I failed you all!

I thought I could just use one from the previous day but decided against it and instead just left a space where that photo should have gone.  To remember that terrible day.

I also went up to November 1st so that it would be a multiple of 8 and I could do another collage.

october photo project

Day 25th- Pumpkins at the supermarket
Day 26th- Wallpaper with bees on it
Day 27th- 🙁
Day 28th- My zebra scarf/wall art
Day 29th- Attempt at crochet- was meant to be a snowflake
Day 30th- Rainy day
Day 31st- Me and boyfriend in weird pixel form
Day 32nd- Waiting for my dad at the pub