Happy Bonfire Night

“…now I’m a spent firework; but at least I’ve been a firework.”
― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

The above is a quote Cloud Atlas, written by David Mitchell but said in the book by Robert Frobisher. I found Frobisher to be (probably) the most likable character, he’s a broke musician cut off by his parents who on a whim heads to Belguim to persuade the composer Vyvyan Ayrs to be his mentor.  Frobisher is in love with Rufus Sixsmith, but ends up having and affair with Ayrs’ wife, and developing unrequited feelings for her daughter as well.

It’s all quite sad, particularly as we are reading the letters Frobisher sent to Sixsmith, and although we don’t hear Sixsmith’s side but can only imagine how he felt hearing about his lover’s infatuation with Jocasta Ayrs.

But, as he says, at least he was a firework.