How To Make Stamps From Foam and Cardboard

I’ve seen stuff about making stamps from foam by attaching it to wooden blocks.  I don’t understand why these people have some many wooden blocks just lying around their homes, maybe I will one day…anyway I opted to use cardboard instead.

I had some thick cardboard and I cut it into 4 pieces which turned out to be around 6 x 7.5cm and glued them on top of each other to make a cardboard block I could hold easily.

I cut some strips of foam out and glued them onto the cardboard block- half horizontally and half vertically. And that’s the stamp.  I made some others with arrows, hearts, and holly.

Foam Stamps

To ink up the stamp you dab the ink pad onto the stamp and not the other way around.  You should also store your ink pad upside down to stop it from drying out.